Capture new terrain and rule the battlefield

We are happy to announce that Terrains4Games models have been restock recently in our web store.

As you well know many of the Terrains4Games models are fully painted and ready to be placed on your wargaming table right from the box! Besides of this line of their products they are quickly expanding they HDF sets as you can see below:

You can use them in almost any wargame – historical, fantasy, Sci-Fi or even Post-apo (however in that case you will have to burn some grass and use lot of wash to make it look poisoned and contaminated). They will fit your battlefield in skirmish game when you need buildings to be densely placed or on wide plains of full strategic wargame with lot of free space to maneuver.

They always are available in small amounts – so don’t waste any more time – if you want one, now is the time to grab it!

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